Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art stuff:
I have this piece that I am releasing in time for the holidays that I am excited about. I created this piece awhile back and I always thought that it would make a great reproduction! This one has a concert/music theme from my figurative phase. It was inspired by the many great live concerts I've experienced through out the years and the magic I witnessed on the stage! More info coming soon! J

Life stuff:
Funny thing, for awhile I was caught up in a mind set of fear and stress and I didn't even realize it for what it was at first. I pride myself on keeping up with current events around the world and trying to get the info from alternative media such as KFPA and NPR (two of my favorites) but even getting info from those sources was starting to take a toll on my being just like the local nightly news was. I realize now that no matter the source too much nervous, stress and fear driven information messes with you nerves and you start taking on feelings that are not necessarily yours. I know things are bad with the U.S and the world and they have been for a while now. I had to laugh to myself when I saw on the local news this week when the anchor stated: It's now official we are in a recession! (I thought to myself)is she crazy, is she serious? Are you now saying that it's o.k. for me to panic? I knew we were in a recession for almost a year now when the stock market was crashing the first time (if everything is pretty much driven by the market and that's falling apart, then logic would tell you everything connected to it have to fall as well.) Things go good, then they go bad, then they get good again (but that's life.) So I am now in the process of regulating my stressful info. intake and getting back to doing more of things that I enjoy such as creating art catching up with family and friends, cooking, watching movies, when I do make purchases they are things I have a connection with and can feel good about and work on not being so wasteful. What I have learned: That I can keep up with what's going on around me without losing myself in it, it's important to be informed of your surroundings so you can make sound decisions, but like everything else it should be done in balance. "It's just like water, it's good for you and you need it to live, but even too much water can drown you!" Remember to be good to yourself! J

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Egglady said...

J. I didnt know these thing about you, stressing in all I thought you were a SUPER HERO, one that is in control of everything. Well these things are good to know it really helps me to understand some of those stright lines that you use in your art. Sorry I missed the reception at the Richmond Art Center (ART OF THE LIVING BLACK) I will be there in March. Also Ben Hazard exhibit in at the State Building Office Building-Atrium 1515 Clay Street, Oakland, Performance & Artist Talk Feb.19 2009 5:30pm-8:00pm hope to see you there. Thanks 4 everything SUPER HERO. EGGLADY