Monday, October 6, 2008

Upcoming show!!!/Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!!! Aug. 26,2008

This is a reminder about Art and Soul 2008 coming up this weekend in Downtown Oakland! (More info. can be found below.) I promise to have some new pieces as well as some old favorites. I will be on 14th st. about one block up from the main entrance on the left hand side (this is where I normally set up) and I look forward to seeing you! On the life side, I've been doing well and the family is doing wonderful. I have a dear friend that hasn't been doing well as of late but I know he will pull through. Going through the motions with him has really made me think about the order of my life and how the things you don't take care of will sit there and become an even bigger mess to clean later. I know from experience that the mere thought of tackling cleaning things up in your life can make you sick to your stomach but if you work on it a little bit at time it will surely make a difference in your life (which is better than complete denial that doesn't make the mess go away and can affect all parts of your life.) We are all connected and the things we do and don't do does affect not only ourselves but our loved ones as well. Don't forget to take care of yourself and if I don't see you this weekend have a great one! J

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!! July 18,2008

Hey all, I hope this e-mail finds you well. This summer has been a good one for me so far (mainly due to great summer movies!!!!) Creativity is a funny thing, it comes out of no where like an itch that is hard to reach and it will drive you crazy until you do something about it. That's where I'm at with mine. I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff with my art (the unglamorous part) and now I starting my implementation phase (the actual brush to canvas part)so I'm very excited I've been sketching down ideas for the past couple of months so be looking out for a new wave of work from me soon! I also want to let you know about Art and Soul 2008 this Labor Day weekend in Downtown Oakland (updated info. can be found on my site.) Thanks for the support and please pass my site along to people you feel will appreciate my type of art! Be well and don't forget to take care of yourself! J

Happy Friday!!!!!!! June 20,2008

Happy Friday to everyone! No matter what craziness happens in life we always find a way to make it through it and I think to myself "you know life is good if you let it be." Be sure to let yourself have a good one! I have been busy with shows and working on new art but before I release my new work I would like to share some work I created in 1998! This was a really creative time for me and a lot of the work is the basis for some of my later work. Check it out on my site and let me know what you think. Till next time, take care of yourself and have a great weekend! J

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!!!! June 16,2008

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers as well as the women who play the role of both mother and father. Being a parent is not an easy thing but it is a blessing to have the job to guide a life through this sometimes crazy world. This is your day of recognition! J

Happy Friday/ Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!! May 9,2008

Happy Mothers day to all the Moms and the daughters of Mothers that are Mothers themselves. Your job is not an easy one. Im a father and I know I give my all for my daughter but it doesnt compare to what Malayas mother gives and thats something I had to accept (its hard coming in second!)There are no instructions that come with children but yet and still you find your way to do right by the life you are put in charge of. Even if you couldnt give all that you wanted to give to your child you did give all that you had to give (and thats more than enough.) I am first to admit I dont know all the reasons behind the things that my mother has done but I do trust that they came from a good place and she felt they were the right choices for me and my siblings. On Sunday celebrate your day with your Mother (or Mother figure) with something as small as a call just to say your thinking of them. For the ones that Mothers are no longer here or you are not on speaking terms right now, send out kind thoughts to them and reflect on the sacrifices that were made for you to be here today! Love and blessing to all the Mothers, we couldnt be here without you! Till next time, dont forget to take care of your self! J

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!! April 18,2008

Happy Friday! April is a special month for me mainly due to the fact that it's the birth month of my daughter (4/11) as well as myself(4/16). I made 35 this year and I feel blessed to still be here to be able to complain about the little things (there is always something!) I have a lot of new work on the way but if you haven't been by the site ( in awhile you may see a few new things. Remember to focus on things that are important to you as well as goals for yourself, with out purpose it is easy to fill lost in the world. Enjoy every day you have, life only seems short when your not doing enough things that you enjoy, live a full life! Till next time, don't forget to take care of yourself! J

The passing of a fellow artist........Mar. 24,2008

It saddens to share the following information. A friend and fellow artist Casper Banjo(the main running theme in his work was images of bricks)was shot and killed Friday the 14th in Oakland near his home. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him a few weeks before his passing (even though I had a busy schedule with family, in the middle of moving to a new home and art.) He had recently been on my mind and he happened to call me to see about getting together to catch up on things. Casper had pulled his life together after many life changing obstacles only a year ago and was now in pretty good spirits and was looking forward to future plans. We talked about life, family, hats and art (what else is there?) He shared with me some of his new work he was working on in his note pad he always keeps on him for his ideas for new pieces (and he even let me do his portrait in it!) Casper was dear to me and would pop into my life at just the right times with encouragement and words of wisdom. When you get those calls out of the blue from friends and loves that are on your mind be sure to make time for them, even if it's just a phone call. I don't believe we just walk around with happy accidents happening around us, things happen for a reason even if the reason isn't obvious at the time. I will greatly miss my friend and follow artist. Remember to take care of yourself! J

Here are two links about him:

video from channel 2 news

article from an Oakland paper

Happy Friday Mar. 7, 2008

All I have for you this time is to remember to take time out to regroup and enjoy the spoils of all your hard work! Everyday can't be workday (we get weekends off for a reason!) Don't forget to take care of yourself! J